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We have many different options available in all styles, including Dwarf Wall Style, Full Height (Glass to Floor) and Full Height with Panels to bottom. A Full range of colours are also available and you can choose from an Eco Tile Warm Roof, Polycarbonate or Glass Roof to suit your requirements and budget. Remember, there‚Äôs no right or wrong choice. The key is to think about how you want to use the internal space, what size is suitable and what will suit your style of home.  For technical help or advice, please call us on : 01626 244167 


This Conservatory type, sometimes referred to as a Sun Room or Garden Room is probably the most simplest in design and suits a number of different properties. The roof, which is pitched or sloped can vary from 2.5 degrees to 30 degrees depending on the appearance that you want to create and what your property will allow. It's clean, simple lines will appeal to most tastes and usually represents excellent value for money. As the style is quite basic, it will usually be fairly easy to install and many find that this style suits them perfectly as furniture is easy to arrange. View more > 


This style will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to any property. It's timeless, classical appeal is very popular and will suit most properties. However, consideration needs to be given to how the space is going to be utilised, how many facets it will have and whether or not it will blend into the surroundings. Don't forget to give thought to the arrangement of furniture and always calculate the internal measurements when considering this. There are no sharp corners or angles with this design which allows easier access to areas of the garden where space is limited. View more > 


The Edwardian Conservatory, sometimes known as the Georgian Conservatory is the most popular style according to this year's survey in a Trade Conservatory magazine and it is not difficult to see why!  
This style will give the maximum internal floor space for your money, so it is an ideal room for a Lounge or Dining area. It is square or rectangular in shape. It can have a single hipped roof that is sealed directly to the house wall or a double hipped roof that will often have a box-gutter where it meets the house. A double hipped roof is ideal for Bungalows. 


The Gable Front is an obvious choice for those who wish to capture the elegance and proud architecture of probably the original style of Conservatory. This is a style that works particularly well with older properties. It is square or rectangular in shape, but unlike the Victorian or Edwardian, it has a vertical front roof section. This helps to maximise light within the Conservatory, particularly if the Gable is south facing. A stunning feature such as the 'sunburst' featured in the Conservatory adjacent can add a touch of class and regal presence! View more > 


The 'P' Shape or combination style Conservatory is a marriage between the Victorian and Lean To and is generally considered to be perhaps the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing of all. Using this design, it is possible to achieve a unique style that could add quite a substantial value to your property and a beautiful room at the same time! Careful consideration should be given to cost, the type of property you will be installing onto and how much of your garden you are prepared to lose. View more > 
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