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The New Ecotile Structural Roof System – the alternative to Glass or Polycarbonate!  An excellent choice for those of you who require a room that can be used all year round even on cold winter nights and hot summer days! Perhaps you are extending your Living Room area or adding a room that will be used frequently such as an office or even a bedroom. By changing the roof construction from glazed to a solid surface and including insulation this provides the conditions for a more habitable building. For more information, please click here:  

Ecotile gives an incredible u-value of 0.18 that meets total building regulations requirements 
Lightweight aluminium structural frame work. 
An extensive choice of tile colours and slate effect 
Tiles tried and tested for many years in the USA, Canada and Australia giving you total peace of mind in extreme weather conditions 
10 Year Guarantee on all components with a life expectancy of over 40 Years on all Tiles 
New windows and doors can be fitted to new or existing building work 
Various size roof windows available to suit your Conservatory & allow maximum light 
Full range of colour matching guttering to suit your choice of window frames. 
Easy to install onto existing window frames. 
LABC & LABSS Approved system 
Suitable for the installation of spotlights. 


If you have a conservatory which suffers from extreme heat during the summer months and is too cold during winter, then we have the answer: The Ecotile Warm Roof System is the simple solution. It has been designed to be installed as a 'New build' or retro-fit onto an existing conservatory window frames, converting your conservatory into a more usable all year round Sun Room. 
The selected use of lightweight materials such as profiled steel tiling and aluminium rafters has kept the weight of the structure to not much more than a twin wall plastic cladding and less than a double glazed unit. 
The aluminium eaves beam is built off the existing conservatory wall mullions. If the existing are not suitable then additional reinforced posts are added to accommodate the structure. The rafter and hip beams are then built off the ring beams and covered with a plywood decking fixed through to the rafters thus providing lateral stability to the structure against normal roof loadings: A breathable membrane and timber battens to which the Metrotile or slates are fixed. Insulation is fixed between the rafters and across the underside before underlining with a plasterboard finish. The roof construction can be trimmed out to accept rooflights. 


Roof Tiles (Standard) 
A popular choice of light weight tile options designed to complement your existing Roof. 
Charcoal Shingle 
Red Shingle 
Brown Shingle 


Tapco and Guardian Slate - A popular choice of Lightweight Slate Style Roofs designed to complement your existing Roof. 
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